At Nissen Wine, we believe great wines begin within the vineyard, with selection of the right vineyard site for the right varieties. Quality wines are a result of making the right decisions throughout the year and providing gentle assistance to allow the plant to perform at its peak. Nissen Wine employs hand-harvesting methods to guarantee that the highest-quality fruit possible reaches the winery. 

As stewards of the land, we at Nissen Wine employ sustainable farming practices. It is our responsibility to farm it carefully, partnering with Mother Nature to produce the finest grapes and stone fruits for our wines, while the conscientious farming decisions we make minimize impact on the surrounding environment. 

The warm, sunny days of this region, followed by cool nights, allow for the maturation of superior fruits that produce robust and intensely flavored wine. At Nissen Wine, grape growing involves a correlation of the vine, soil, climate and our passion for excellence.

Currently we are growing 12 acres of wine grapes and 4 acres of stone fruits.  Our first commercial wine grapes were planted in the spring of 2003 after countless hours of research and experiments to determine which varieties complement our calcium rich, rocky, orthello soils.  As of today we have four main varieties of wine grapes we grow and continue to experiment with others as we will be adding more as we find suitable varieties.
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Brianna is a highly vigorous vine in our soils and is producing a very soft fruity white wine.  Its citrusy flavors and grape-fruity aromas are allowing it to quickly become one of our favorites.

Frontenac’s small, black berries on medium to large clusters create a deep garnet wine with pleasant black cherry to berry and plum aromas.  It performs well in our soils and loves the heat unit we receive for optimum maturation.  Nissen Wine offers Frontenac as a varietal wine.

Lacrosse is our most productive white wine grape.  It is highly vigorous and makes a tight cluster of medium sized berries.  Lacrosse creates a versatile fruit that lends itself to many different styles of wine.  At Nissen Wine it is currently being used as the base in Roselyn’s Blush to create a soft semi-sweet wine.

St. Pepin
St. Pepin is not self pollinating so it requires interplantings of another variety to produce fruit.  For this reason it is not highly desirable among many growers.  We are willing to tolerate this because in our soil and climate it yields a lite bodied, mellow, pallet pleasing, white wine with peachy, apricot and honeysuckle aromas.  It also makes a good base for a blended wine.  St. Pepin is the base for the white wine Mystic we offer at Nissen Wine.
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