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Nissen Wine is currently growing 14 varieties of grapes and wild plums that are used to produce our wines.  Our first commercial wine grapes were planted in the spring of 2003 after countless hours of research and experiments to determine which varieties complement our calcium rich, rocky, orthello soils.  As of today we have four main varieties of wine grapes we grow and continue to experiment with others as we will be adding more as we find suitable varieties.

The Outlaw Trail wines were developed by Nissen Wine and the Nebraska Outlaw Trail Association to promote tourism and publicity for the Nebraska Outlaw Trail and its surrounding area.  Nissen Wine, being located on the Outlaw Trail, is a natural partner for this endeavor.  All of the grapes used for these wines are grown in two vineyards located on the Outlaw Trail.  The four outlaws chosen for these wines have crossed or probably crossed the hills where the grapes are now growing.  A short story about each outlaw is included on the label.